Twenty-Eighth Amendment?

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The Electoral College was adopted by the framers of our Constitution as a method of ensuring that our presidents would be well-qualified statesmen. But this goal has been thwarted by changes in our “unwritten constitution,” resulting in a deeply flawed electoral process that is far removed from Constitutional provisions. Reformers frequently seek to abolish the Electoral College and replace it with a process that gives the presidency to the candidate winning the most popular votes, but that alternative provides poor inoculation from charismatic charlatans. 

Paul Schumaker, a retired professor of political science, employs the techniques of memoir to convey the evolution of his thinking about this issue, to warn us against adopting such pretenders as the “Interstate Compact,” and to prescribe a national process that weds concerns for more acceptable candidates with our common democratic values. Covering the past, the present, and the future, this book concisely informs the public about a current issue of enduring importance for American politics.

About the Author
Until his retirement in 2017, Paul Schumaker was a professor of political science at the University of Kansas for 45 years. After graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Beloit College, where he co-majored in economics and philosophy, he earned his Ph.D. in political science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. At KU, he taught a wide variety of courses dealing with democratic theories and practices. His research focused on developing a theory of “democratic pluralism” for understanding and achieving democratic processes and just outcomes in American local, state, and national politics. His contributions to “Advancing Pluralism” are available at

The diversity of his achievements is indicated by the many scholarly books and articles that are listed on his website and by the leadership positions he held at the University of Kansas (including serving twice as Chair of Political Science and Director of the Division of Government). During his career he received both teaching and research awards, and some of his books and articles have been translated into foreign languages. While his journal articles are addressed to other professors in the academy, the audiences of his books are as often students as professional political scientists. The Twenty-Eight Amendment? is his first attempt to reach a broader public audience, and he employs the techniques of memoir for this purpose.

Paperback, 250 pages.

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