Student Account Billing


Charge your KU Bookstore Purchases to your KU Student Bill

Students may charge purchases from the KU Bookstore to their student account in Enroll and Pay. Students are able to charge $1500 a semester for textbooks, course materials, supplies and technology. Students may shop online or in-store at participating locations.

You must be enrolled in the term to be eligible. There is a delay of at least 24 hours after enrollment to get information from the University. Each term has limits on when they are available to charge purchases.

Spring 2024 are currently available to students that are enrolled for those semesters.

How to shop

In-store, students must have their KU ID and a second photo ID to charge to their account. For students shopping online, please use the Student Single Sign on option, do not create an account. If in-store pick-up is chosen for the shipping method, students will need to present their KU ID at time of pick-up.

Items Included

Students may charge textbooks, course materials, supplies and technology. Additionally, KU Med students are able to charge scrubs and medical instruments. The following are examples of each, but not all inclusive. Please see KU Bookstore for any questions.

Textbooks - Includes physical textbooks, access cards, course fees
Course Materials - Includes lab coats, manuals, goggles, art kits, iClickers
Supplies - Includes pens, pencils, art supplies, notebooks, paper, planners, backpacks
Technology - Includes computers, iPads, other hardware, headphones, chargers

Billing and Payments

Bookstore charges will be included in the next monthly student account billing statement, along with other tuition and fee charges. Payment options are available at Student Account Services. Unpaid bookstore charges may result in enrollment and transcript/diploma holds on student record. By choosing this method of payment, student is responsible for charges incurred (as well as any and all costs, charges, expenses, attorneys' fees, and/or reasonable collection agency fees associated with the collection of outstanding charges by the University, a collection agency, and/or State Setoff) in the course of transacting business with the University of Kansas.


Be sure to hold on to receipt for all returns. Fall and Spring Textbook returns and only allowed through the drop add date aprox. three weeks into the semester. See your receipt for precise deadlines. All returns will be credited to the student account in Enroll and Pay.

To be eligible you must:

• Be a current student enrolled at the University of Kansas. Lawrence, Edwards and KC Med Campus
• Have no financial holds on your student account
• Have a valid KU card and another ID

Participating KU Bookstores:

• Kansas Union - Level 2
• Art & Design Store - Chalmers Hall
• KU Med Store - Kansas City - Orr-Major Building