Auto Access FAQ


What is Auto Access?

The KU Bookstore Auto Access program is a digital textbook model in collaboration with top publishers, campus IT, and vendor partners to reduce the cost of course materials and simplify the student experience by ensuring students have access on (or before) the first day of class, with student’s having the option to opt-out of purchasing through the add/drop period.

The adopted digital course materials, program details, content pricing, and opt-out capability will all reside in the campus LMS for participating courses, providing full transparency to students about the course arrangement.

How Do I Access My Course Materials?

Simply login to your course in Canvas and navigate to the course page for each participating course. Students can access these course materials in their Canvas course shell, as well as receive regular communication about the program throughout the add/drop period.

How Much Does Auto Access Cost?

Prices are negotiated and vary depending on the course materials chosen by the instructor or department, however are contracted to be lower than competitive market rates.

How Do I Pay For Auto Access?

Digital access is free through the add/drop deadline. After that, all enrolled students who have not explicitly opted-out of the program, or dropped the course, will have the discounted price applied to their student billing account.

What Does It Mean To Opt-Out?

If you do not wish to purchase the required course materials through the Auto Access program, you have until the add/drop deadline to opt-out. If you opt-out by the deadline, access to the digital course materials will be turned off and the cost will not appear on your student billing account. However, if planning to remain enrolled in the course, you will need to purchase these materials from the publisher directly at a non-discounted, higher price.

How Do I Opt-Out?

Students will see the option to opt-out regularly throughout the add/drop period in the program messaging details that appear once signed in to their course in Canvas.

I Dropped The Course, Do I Still Need To Opt-Out?

Students who drop the course before the add/drop deadline will automatically be opted-out with no future charges applied to their student account.

I Opted Out By Mistake And Realized That I Still Need My Access. Can I Opt Back In?

Yes, students easily opt back in before the add/drop deadline. Students that have opted out will receive messaging when they login to their course in Canvas about their opt-out status with a one click option to reinstate access at any time during add/drop. If there are any unique issues that arise post add/drop, we can quickly and easily reinstate access.

I Am Enrolled In An Auto Access Course, but still prefer a traditional print textbook. Is that possible?

The majority of publishers will offer a low cost print option for students that require, or prefer, a printed text. These can range from $18-$40 on average, but will vary depending on the content and publisher.

I Have Further Questions That Were Not Addressed. Who Do I Contact?

If your question wasn’t answered in this FAQ, please email your inquiry to and someone from our course materials team will be happy to assist.